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Free Xbox Live Facebook Page
Already almost 59,000 Likes!

Hey guys, we’ve been noticing that you have really been digging the offers we post on our Facebook page instead of the traditional posts we have.  We will continue to do both of them but we plan to move solely to Facebook offers in the near future.  The Facebook offers allow us to see how many of you guys are actually trying to get free Xbox Live from our fan page.  We were stunned when we created a group and had over 800 people join in less than a day.  That’s insane guys, I never thought my website would be as popular as it is today; but hey, I’m definitely not complaining.  We’ve actually just hit 58,000 fans on our Facebook page and that is a tremendous achievement.  Because of you guys being active on our page we gain almost 1,000 likes per week.

When you guys help us get more likes on our Facebook page, it helps us gain more sponsors to supply us with the Xbox Live cards we need to run this website.  As you could probably guess, we need a ton of Xbox Live codes to be able to provide for 58,000 fans.  So, all I ask is you continue what you are doing an keep helping us grow!  You guys are the best fans in the world and I have enjoyed playing with some of you on Call of Duty and GTA!

Getting free Xbox Live from our website has never been easier, we’ve just locked in some exclusive offers for our website to ensure that our surveys are as short as possible.  Yes, I know.  We still have them on our website, but if you haven’t noticed.  They continue to get easier to complete AND we post on our Facebook Page when we remove them for a couple hours!  Yes, you read that right.  Unlike other websites, we actually remove our surveys for a few hours every week for those people who can’t seem to complete one of those stinking surveys.

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Updates – April 24, 2015

We had a bit of scheduled maintenance last night and we got a few emails about why our site was down so I decided to update you guys with what we did last night.

  1. Reduced loading time for website
  2. Tested new shorter surveys
  3. Reduced the time it takes to get a code from our site by around a minute!
  4. Fixed some minor bugs

As you can see, we didn’t do much, but what we did do will help you guy out a lot.  We have another scheduled maintenance on July 1st!

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Getting Free Xbox Live: Why You Shouldn’t Pay!

Xbox One users should be allowed to get free Xbox Live, Microsoft is a billion dollar company and they’re having their users pay $60 a year to play online with their friends AFTER they have already spent $400 on the console and $60 per game.  It seems like Microsoft is greedy, want to know how I know?  Well let me lay down some facts; Microsoft makes roughly $201,398,400 every 24 hours.  Thats nearly a quarter of a million dollars, but that’s not the astonishing part, if you do the math and break that number down.  Microsoft makes roughly $8,391,600 a hour, $193,260 a minute and $3,221 EVERY second.  So I think it’s pretty safe to say that Microsoft wouldn’t go bankrupt if they didn’t require their users to pay for a Xbox Live subscription every month/year.

Free xbox Live: Why it should be free

Thankfully, we created this website to save gamers money by giving out free Xbox Live, and we’re not like those other fake sites you’ve seen on YouTube, we’ve hired people to do the little things we can’t do and we’ve even payed a ethical hacker to test the security of our website and help us patch security threats as he finds them.  Our website is 100% legitimate and we provide nothing but REAL authentic Xbox Live codes that were bought from authorized vendors only.  So you don’t have to worry about our codes risking the security of your Gamer tag.

Not only can you get free Xbox Live from our website but you can get it fast, right now the average person gets their code from our website in about 5 minutes.  Granted, some people have trouble completing surveys and some people don’t, it all depends on that.  Don’t worry, our website is nothing like the others you’ve tried we can guarantee that.  Other websites like to get their surveys from a company that gets them from a company.  We cut out the middle man so that they are as short as possible, most of our surveys (if not all of them) are one page and only ask for your zip code and your email address.  So we try to keep it as simple as possible and as short as possible because we want to get you back into the game as soon as humanly possible.

Microsoft should add a poll to see whether or not their users want to pay for Xbox Live.  Of course everyone won’t they’ll be saving money but in the poll, they should require a 50 word explanation to why.  I’m sure that many of you have better points on to why they should just make Xbox Live free, it just seems like they’d make everyone more happy and they would probably gain more sales if they did that as well.

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Get Free Xbox Live Gold Membership

Free Xbox Live Gold Membership: Get it now!

I am just going to go straight into how to get your free Xbox live gold membership. Their are a few mandatory steps you must complete before you are able to get a Xbox live code from our website, they are very easy to complete and most of them take a maximum of 30 seconds to complete. The first thing you will want to do is look to the right and click the button for what you came here for, if you came here for a Xbox live code then click the Xbox live generator if you came here for a Microsoft point code then click the Microsoft point generator button. When you click on it you are taken to another page, before you can access this page you are required to either; like our fan page using the like button, Google +1 our website using the Google + button, or tweet our website using the twitter button. That step is very easy to complete and if you do not want to do them, which I don’t recommend you can just wait 400 seconds. Then once you have done that the box will go away and you’ll be able to use the generator. Once you have access if you picked the button for free Xbox live gold membership you should see three different xbox live card amounts. Choose the Xbox card duration you want, below the cards you should see 3 steps. They will ask you to like our Facebook fan-page, it will let you be updated every time we add codes and update the site. The second step is sharing our website with your friends, this helps our site get out there and helps us gain more sponsors to supply us with codes. And the third step is just clicking the proceed button after you have completed the steps.

Get Free Xbox Live Gold Membership
When you click the proceed button you will be once again be redirected to another page. This time this page is filled with the Xbox live card amount that you chose, find a card that is available and then click on the button below each card. Once you click it you will see a box pop up, and it will ask you to complete a survey, yes I know you all hate surveys and most of you will probably exit the site but if you don’t you will be very glad you didn’t. The only reason we have added surveys to our codes is because people were being greedy and would try to take as many of our codes as they possibly could, and we could not let that happen. So we turned to surveys and to make sure people still love our website, we 3-4 hours a day working on getting the shortest possible offers that any survey companies supply. These are mainly e-mail submits which are offers that only ask you to type in your e-mail. They should never take over 5 minutes to complete, and ask yourselves would you rather pay money on a card or spend 5 minutes and get free Xbox live gold membership? It’s that simple, all you have to do is complete a survey and then your code will begin to download, and once the download has finished it will be deleted from our databases system so that nobody will get duplicate codes.

If you still do not believe our website is legit there is a few things you can check to see that our website is 100% legitimate. You can check our testimonials page,you can check our Facebook page, you can even check out our comments on some of our posts. We have so many stories sent in for our testimonials page that it is ridiculous and we can’t add them all, there would be way to many of them. But for all of those people that send them in every day we do read every single one of them and we hope that you come back for more free Xbox live gold membership.

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Xbox Live Codes: Fulfill Your Gaming Needs

Let me guess you just ran out of Xbox Live and you need to get some Xbox live codes for the double EXP weekend, but you don’t feel like spending the money because you just bought the game. I can tell you right now you came to the right place. Want to know why? Because we have over thirty sponsors that every week each give us around 3,000 xbox cards to giveaway each week Right now we give out around 1,500 a month and that has been growing around by around 500 a month, and each month the amount of codes we get increases. And what distinguishes us from everyone else is that we have so much proof, our first proof is our video that shows one of the people that came to our site downloading the code and redeeming it over their Xbox. Second we have our Proof Page and our Testimonial Page that shows some of the Testimonials we have received and also the codes people have redeemed.

Now for the good stuff, to get a  xbox live code from our website you are required to complete ONE of our hand selected offers.  We make sure that these offers are as short as possible and we make sure that they take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. And better yet our offers are mainly one page of questions or three pages to the max. And some are so simple all you have to do is enter your zip code our your e-mail. Which makes the process much quicker and that’s what we aim for. We don’t want you to be searching all around trying to find where to go to get a code from us. It’s simple when you reach the landing page on the right you will see a button that says “Go To Generator” and all you have to do is click it. Though we do want you to read these articles to see what is going on lately you do not have to.

We created this website to help those kids that have no source of income get xbox live codes, kids should have the luxury o playing online with their friends. We all have had a time like that even when I was a kid I had to earn everything that I wanted. That’s all we care about and unlike most websites out there we give out 100% unique codes that actually work. Every week we add the codes we get from our sponsors and add them to our database. After that we post on our Facebook fan-page saying that we just updated the websites with new codes and in those few hours most of the codes we added get claimed. And after a person claims a code the code is automatically deleted permanently so that no two people get the same code. Which makes our users happy so that they don’t have to do more than one offer.

In the next few weeks we are going to be holding a Contest for free turtle beaches and some other prizes like games headphones and much more. So that the people that actually read these articles all the way through will know that their is going to be a contest going on. To enter this contest we will be having a referral system so that the top 50 people that refer their friends here will win the contest. We will do a spam check on who just went to a proxy website and kept visiting on their referral link. So everyone grab your Xbox live codes quick before they run out!

xbox live codes giveaway

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Free Xbox Live Gold: Is it Possible?

Over the past few years since Xbox Live was release by Microsoft multiple methods have surfaced claiming that you are able to get free Xbox Live Gold.  What are these methods and do they still work?  We shall find out in this weeks helpful guide!  We’re going to start posting guides and gaming tutorials more often because we got good feedback from them.  So enjoy this post and learn multiple ways to get free Xbox Live Gold.

The first method that actually works believe it or not are sites like Point2Point.  You register on their website and you earn points by doing stuff like; watching videos, clicking on ad’s, completing surveys.  This method works but it can take a little bit of time if you aren’t completely dedicated to it.  It takes about 2-3 days to get the amount of points needed to get a free 12 month card.  Yes, it takes a while, but this is 100% legitimate and faces no threat to your account.  I would recommend this website to anyone that doesn’t want to finagle with trying to use the other methods I’m about to discuss.

Poins2Shop Proof
Proof that Points2shop is legitimate.

If you didn’t like Points2shop don’t worry, there are a few other methods for gamers to get free Xbox Live gold.  The next method takes a little work to find a legitimate site but when you do, you can book mark the website and go back to it whenever you want.  This method usually only takes about 10-15 minutes.  You will want to look for a website like ours.  Yes, I know it’s kind of self advertising but I wrote this to show you real working ways to get xbox live for free.  Not to get you to use our website, but if you end up using our website.  I know you won’t regret it.

Like I was saying, you need find a website like this one.  Simple with a nice professional design and a lot of useful content with not many spelling mistakes.  This part is going to take the longest, there are so many scam websites that don’t give out real codes.  So you’ll have to use your best judgement and not use the first site you lay your eyes on.  You can search google for “Free Xbox Live Codes” this will pull up a lot of websites providing Xbox live codes.  Find websites with strait to the point domain names, not websites with the name “”  what kind of domain name is that?  Not one I would buy, that’s a fact.

There are a lot more sites other than Point2shop, I was just using that one as an demonstration.  Just about all sites like Point2Shop are legitimate but they do take a lot of time to get the necessary points in order to get a Xbox live code.  That’s why I would personally recommend that you use a website like this one to get free Xbox Live gold.  This site takes less than 5 minutes and the code is displayed on your screen so there is no chance for you to get a virus!  Not only that but these codes are bought by legitimate vendors across the world so you don’t have to worry about your account being banned!

Free Xbox Live Gold
This is what our website looks like when you get free Xbox Live gold from us!

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Xbox Live Code Generators: Are they Real?

Over the past week or two, we’ve received more and more emails asking if Xbox Live code generators are real or not.  The short answer is no, but I’m going to elaborate on that and describe how they can be real and why I said they’re not.  I’m even going to discuss how you tell if a website is legitimate or not, we’re getting emails every day asking if our website is real and asking us how can you tell if a website is legitimate or not.  So lets hop into it, shall we?

The reason I say Xbox Live code generators are fake is because nobody has a software that they “hacked” from Microsoft.  You think i’m crazy, but I’m being serious.  I’ve seen YouTube videos saying that they hacked Microsoft and they got the algorithm that Microsoft uses to generate codes.  The stories these people come up with are ridiculous.  But at the same time, some of the stories that sound ridiculous are actually real.  I grew up with the motto “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” so that stopped me from using sites like the one I created, but I eventually did and guess what?  I got scammed just like you probably have in the past, I was destroyed.  I spent 15 minutes completing a stupid survey and It was a waste of time.  So when we were creating this website, I kept flashing back to my childhood of getting scammed.  I made sure that this website was going to give out REAL codes and that the surveys wont take longer than 5 minutes to complete!

Xbox Live Code Generator
This is an example of a program that is 100% fake. No effort was put into creating this program to make it even look legitimate

It all depends on how the person describes their “Xbox Live Code Generator”.  If they describe it how I said above, then no, they aren’t real.  But if they say their generator connects to a database and picks a random code out of a list.  And makes it appear on your screen, then yes Xbox Live Generators do exist.  It all depends on how the website describes how their website works.

These days, fake websites and real websites are hard to sort out.  These fake sites are starting to put effort into their scam and make their website look decent.  But lucky for you, the people that create those websites aren’t very smart, they leave very noticeable signs that the website is a scam.  You will need to look for the following when determining if a website is legitimate:

  1. Did they pay for a domain name
  2. Do they have a contact form
  3. Do they have a nice design
  4. Do they have a lot of content
  5. Do they have a nice logo
  6. Do they have decent grammar and spelling.

If you check for the following above, you should be able to tell if a website is legitimate or not.  If they don’t have 2-3 of the things above then they probably aren’t legit.  Websites that are serious about providing a service won’t skimp out when creating their website.  Like us, when we created our website we didn’t cut any corners and even though it took us 4 months to build, the results were worth it!

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How to get free Xbox Live

In this tough economy children can’t seem to save up money to buy stuff for their gaming console.  Back in the old days, if you wanted something you would have to go out back and mow the lawn to earn money.  Some kids don’t have that option these days, so they scour the internet trying to learn how to get free Xbox Live.  But they are faced with a difficulty, they are constantly getting scammed.  Kids have even gone so far as to thinking they could steal the cards and activate them using a magnet because they saw a worker at a store rub the card with a magnet.  It’s a shame when kids are begging their parents to buy them just a 1 month card, which is only $10 and the parent says no because money is tight right now.  No child should have to work as hard as they do to save up money for months just to buy a itty bitty card that cost no more than 60 cents to make and they’re selling it for $60.

Every child should have the ability to play online with his/her friends whenever they want, WITHOUT having to buy a stupid card.  Microsoft already makes hundreds of millions of dollars selling their consoles and they think they need even more money, so they created Xbox Live and as a result.  Thousands of kids are searching for “how to get free Xbox Live” on the internet every month, because they can’t afford to buy a Xbox Live card themselves.  Think about it, who is the target group for Microsoft to sell their Xbox console to?  Young kids, and teenagers.  You rarely see a man in his mid 30’s playing video games all day.  But if you did, he is one of the people that can afford to buy one of these cards, not the kids.

Many websites have tried to come up with ways to give out free xbox live, but when you look closely at them, they are destined to fail.  That’s mainly because the people that are trying to create these websites, are the kids and teenagers.  That’s not the case with this website, if you haven’t read the About Us page then you probably wouldn’t know that.  Make sure you read that page and you’ll learn a lot about why this website was created and how this website is currently the leading name in websites like this.  Eventually, kids will have this website memorized and they will know how to get free Xbox Live and not get scammed.

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Xbox Live Gold Membership: How to get it for free!

Since the dawn of the Xbox 360, Microsoft has required its users to buy Xbox Live Gold membership cards in order to play online with others.  These Xbox Live cards come in different durations; 1 month, 3 months and 12 months, and the price range from $10-60.  Saving up money to buy one of these cards can get pretty hard in these economic times.  A new method has been uncovered and it works great, it involves using websites like this one which have spent the time to contact individual companies and ask them to supply the site with Xbox Live Gold membership.  Unfortunately, sites that aren’t legitimate have figured out what the legitimate sites do and are copying what they have to say in order to “convince” their visitors that their site is legitimate.  Sadly, that isn’t the case, a lot of sites on Google are fake.  That doesn’t mean all of them aren’t though!

Xbox Live Gold Membership

Case point, this website is legitimate.  We don’t want to hide anything from our loyal visitors because we want them to come back and use this website again.  When looking for a website to get a Xbox Live code from you have to look at the fine points of the website. Never use the first site you stumble upon especially if it looks sketchy. If a website is serious about providing a service like this, the website will look nice, it will have little to no spelling mistakes and it will also have a nice professional design.

We aren’t forcing you to use our website, if you decide that you aren’t then listen to this part and make sure you follow these steps when choosing a website to get Xbox Live Gold membership from.

  1. Make sure the site has a .com/.net domain
    • If they are serious about what they’re doing they will spend money on a professional domain name
  2. Make sure they have a nice design
    • Would you trust a website with a unprofessional design?
  3. Read the fine points
    • A lot of fake sites actually say they don’t give out real codes to protect from legal action
  4. Check the spelling and grammar
    • Like I said, sites that are legitimate won’t have many spelling mistakes at all
  5. Usability
    • A website that has you jumping through hoops is not a website to trust
    1. Most websites will have a contact form, if they respond.  They’re more than likely legitimate.  (We usually respond in 3-4 hours if we’re online.  If you catch us when we’re sleeping more like 24 hours

You just have to use your best judgement and actually look at the website before you try to use it.  These fake sites are getting very convincing these days and they’re hard to point out.  Make sure you spend the time to look at the things I stated above, some of these sites can damage your computer by installing a virus.  So make sure you have good antivirus to protect yourself from getting infected with a bug.  Like I said, we’re not going to force you to use our website, but I can tell you that you won’t regret it.  So if you trust us, get Xbox Live Gold membership from us today!

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Free Xbox Live Codes: Our Online Generator

What if there was a legitimate way for Xbox users to get FREE Xbox Live codes?  Would you think it was legit?  Would you try it out?  Those are the questions you going to ask yourself in a short few moments.  With this new and improved method, you are now able to get Xbox live codes free in less than 5 minutes.  You heard that right, less than 5 minutes.  That’s shorter than the time it takes to get to a store and purchase one of these Xbox Live cards.  By using this method, you’re not only saving gas, but you’re saving money.

“If it sounds too good to be true it probably is”  

This is what people say when they hear about our website, we are here to clear up somethings about our website so we can hopefully convince you that our website is legitimate.  First of all, we DO NOT pay for these Xbox Live cards, nor would we be able to.  We’re broke college students running a website with the help of some companies that supply us with free Xbox Live codes to give to you guys.  Why would they give us these codes?  Well, first of all, they aren’t paying the full price for the cards because they buy them in bulk.  Secondly, we provide them with targeted traffic to their website which results in them getting sales.  We’ve yet to lose one of our sponsors so that must mean that they’re pretty happy with the results we have been brining in the past few months and we’ve only just released our website to the general public.

“What’s the catch”

Like I said, I wouldn’t lie to you guys.  We do require all of our visitors to complete one short survey, but before you exit our website let me give you a back story to why we added them.  Once upon a time, we didn’t require our visitors to complete a survey in order to get free Xbox Live codes from our website.  But we quickly realized a huge flaw in our system, a flaw that we weren’t able to patch with out the help of the surveys.  The flaw was that people were able to take as many Xbox live codes from our website just by refreshing the page.  A few individuals realized this and started taking mass amounts of codes and they wiped us clean.  We couldn’t let that happen again so we had to add something that would protect our codes from these “leechers”.

“What makes you different?”

If you’re asking us this question, you obviously haven’t looked at our generator yet.  We spent 4 months on the design and we spared nothing when we were designing it.  We worked out the flaws for another 2 months so we know our design is nearly flawless.  Our design is so perfect that we’ve even had some of our competitors contact us offering us decent amount of cash to modify their website and make it look better.  But we’re in this for the long run and we want our website to be as unique as possible, so I turned them down.  If you haven’t looked at our generator you can do so by visiting this link.Get your Free Xbox Live Codes

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