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Last Update: 01.10.2016.


Why use our Xbox Live Generator?

Here are just a couple features of our Xbox Live code generator that makes us stand out.

96% Code Accuracy

Our System reports an average 96% Xbox Code success rate on a daily basis! Better than any other on the net.

User Experience

Our fool-proof system makes getting a free Xbox Live code easier than ever. Even on smartphones!

Web-based System

There's no download! Everything is done via our web platform. You can now get a Xbox Live code on your smartphone on the go!


What others are saying about our Xbox Live code generator!

This generator has came a long way, I’ve had this website bookmarked since 2014. They have only made it better over the years. I’m glad to see that it’s till under the same ownership and still giving out real Xbox Live codes!

BigCatDad - Verified User

These days you can get absolutely anything on the internet for free, you just have to look hard enough. Things like Xbox Live are easy to get for free as long as you find a legitimate website. I’ve gotten a 12 month Xbox Live code from this website and numerous $25 gift cards.

Cloudkid94 - Verified User

Being a high school kid with no job it’s hard to scrape up money for Xbox Live. This website has helped me get free Xbox lIve so I don’t have to ask my parents for money. Thanks XBL4Free!

Divination - Verified User
More Information

Online Xbox Live Code Generator

Has your Xbox Live Membership ran out? Tired of paying monthly for Xbox Live? This service has been providing gamers with free Xbox Live dating back to early 2014. All you have to do is dedicate ten minutes of your time and use our Xbox Live code generator. This generator works on all devices so you can finally get Xbox Live for free while you’re on the go from your smartphone device. There’s no download required so there’s no risk of you getting a virus!

Free Xbox Live Gold - Step Up The Game

The infamous Xbox console, the legendary console developed by Microsoft that consistently steps up their game with every new release. The newest installation, the Xbox One, has sold over 20 Million units to date. Making it one of the most popular consoles of all time.

Despite its ever reaching improvements, there has always been one thing that has been holding Microsoft and their Xbox console back. Microsoft’s customers have constantly complained about their online service “Xbox Live”. Since the release of the Xbox 360 they have charged their users an absurd amount for this service. These codes are required in order to rival their friends in an amazing online arena.

Because of the ridiculous amount Microsoft charges for their Xbox Live service, gamers are constantly trying to save money by finding places to get Xbox Live codes for free.

What are the benefits of using this Xbox Live Code Generator?

There is no gamer in the world that doesn’t wish to save money on their addiction. There are many other advantages too however, this Xbox Live generator can be accessed anywhere in the world at anytime. Let's consolidate a list of all of the advantages of using this service rather than others:

  • Online generator
  • Usability
  • Safe
  • Sucess Rate
  • Free

There is no need to download anything in order to get a free Xbox Live code from this service. This is an online generator meaning that as long as you have a wifi connection you can get a Xbox code from here.

Many websites that give out Xbox Live Gold don't offer an online generator which increases the risk of getting viruses. Many of our visitors use our service due to our online generator platform.


The generators interface has been created to maximize the ease of use for the user. We have accessed the weaknesses of other websites and created our quickest and most efficient process yet. The average time it takes for an individual to get a code from our Xbox Live generator is approximately 7 minutes.


The main concern in the emails we receive is the risk of your Gamertag being banned. Rest assure that any Xbox Live code generated from our website has been purchased legitimately from various wholesale vendors across the world.

No Gamertag has been banned from one of our free Xbox Live codes.

This generator never asks for any of your Gamertag details whatsoever. This is to ensure that we aren't blamed for any mishaps that our users might experience.

Sucess Rate

This service has been around since the beginning of 2014. Over this time frame we have been able to improve on our system to create a service that provides a 96% Xbox Live code success rate. We pride ourselves on having the most successful website that still provides REAL Xbox Live codes for free.

How do these websites give out Xbox Live for free?

Gamers are tired of paying for Xbox Live, a fact that has been known for years. Gamers tend to be smart individuals, one day someone thought of an idea to get these codes for free. No hacking involved whatsoever.

To be able to give away free Xbox Live Gold to our visitors we had to find sponsorships that would supply us with the Xbox Live Gold codes we need. In return, we help funnel them potential customers. We have yet to lose a single sponsorship and continue to gain more with our growing success.

A random code of each domination is tested every hour to ensure that our Xbox codes are alive and working as they should be.

Warning about other Xbox Live Generators

There are a lot of websites out there that claim to give out free Xbox Live Gold codes but actually don't. They either require you to spend a ton of time completing surveys that never end and provide you with a fake code, or nothing at all.

You can't trust every website on the internet that is claiming to give out Xbox Live for free. You have to rely on your gut instinct. If a website doesn’t look legitimate, it probably isn’t.

Luckily, you've came to the right place to get Xbox Live for free. Our service has been giving out free Xbox Live since 2014 and we're still kicking. If you end up not using our service, just remember our warning. We're just looking out for all the gamers out there.

How to use a Xbox Live Generator

The process of getting Xbox Live Gold for free is simple. All you have to do is navigate to the tp of the page and find a button that says "Get Free Xbox Live" once you click on that you will be redirected to our online generator platform. Once on the main page of our Xbox Live generator, just go through the checklist below:

  • Determine the duration of Xbox Live you're looking for, the higher the duration, the less codes we will have in our database (you'll have a better time receiving a 3 month code than a 12 month code).
  • After selecting the Xbox Live duration or Gift Card amount, scroll down and you'll be asked for your name and email. Once you've filled that in click "Generate My Code".
  • Our Xbox Live Gold generator will then connect to our database and grab you a code. This process can take anywhere from 1-2 minutes so be patient with it. Once the process has been completed you will be asked to verify that you are in-fact a human. Every visitor is required to complete one of our surveys that we have personally tested.
  • After you have completed a survey, our database will send you your code via email. So make sure you add the right email when you fill out the form. Else you won't receive your Xbox Live code.

Are these Xbox Live Codes Compatible In Other Countries?

The short answer, yes. These Xbox Live codes have been purchased from various vendors across the world.

When you visit our Xbox Live code generator your IP Address is geo-located to determine your country to distribute a Xbox Live code correlated to your country.

Get Your Free Xbox Live today!

Xbox Live Gold enhances a users gaming experience tenfold, the only dilemma with this membership is that it’s expensive and unnecessary. By using our service you can receive free Xbox Live membership without having to leave your house. This service was created to help out those children who don’t have the money to afford the membership but still want to play online with their friends. Our Xbox Live code Generator eliminates the need for these kids to scrape up money to purchase a membership.

Because our Xbox Live generator is one of a kind, there is no need to download anything whatsoever. There’s no chance of you getting a virus or getting your Gamertag banned. Our service is absolutely free, we only require around 10 minutes of your time to complete the process. So what are you waiting for? Grab your free Xbox Live today!

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